What are Sources of low Entropy


In nature there are only voluntary processes, and all of them lead to an increase in entropy. These processes are irreversible. (e.g. a broken egg cannot be repaired without harming the chick).

Therefore, entropy inevitably strives for a maximum of minimum order and structure. The universe as a closed system strives for the maximum uniform distribution of energy. This process ends with a completely uniform distribution, so that neither work nor energy can be done, since all energy is present in waste heat. However, the ecosystem Earth has sources of low entropy, as well as the possibility to absorb entropy.

In nature there is an increase in entropy as well as a decrease in entropy. The vegetation can integrate entropy into its cycles as a sink. The ability to self-regulate allows for a decrease in entropy within the system despite more complex structure formation. The soil has a number of tasks. It is both a habitat and arable land for agriculture. It stores resources and transforms waste into humus in ecological cycles. Therefore, the relationship between man and nature must resemble a biocoenosis/cohabitation.