Prosper provides a pro-active means of reversing man-made environmental damage.

Incentivising the regeneration of our planet

The e³ rating integrates ethical and environmental behaviour into the competition mechanism because it enables investors and institutions to verify the fulfilment of ethical and environmental requirements (e.g. when tendering or setting taxes) with an e³ score. The tenders will then no longer ask for the cheapest offer, but who achieves the highest sustainability effect with the lowest capital investment. Companies no longer compete for the cheapest offer price, but for the best price/sustainability ratio. This is a means to offset existing footprint, profit from a growth business and earn dividends in the form of the network’s native asset-backed currency.

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The invisible green hand

Unlike a state resource tax, the product does not become more expensive rather, the competitive landscape is optimised to ensure that our planetary boundaries are respected.

The invisible hand of the market in Adam Smith’s metaphor which should ensure that self-interest and general interest coincide, becomes green and ethical when a regulatory framework provides the right incentives for sustainable economic activity.

How regeneration is incentivised

This “Freegenerative market” or regenerative free market decouples wealth creation from entropy-increasing non-renewable resource use by rewarding those who are invested in the most regenerative businesses.
  1. The e³ rating system enables intelligent incentive distribution, acting as the indexing tool of a circular economy (e.g. Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation 2015).
  2. Apportioned cryptocurrency is distributed as the financial incentive. The equity that an investor has in any given business along with each respective e³ rating determines their cryptocurrency reward.

This pairing turns ethical and environmentally responsible behaviour into a competitive advantage as dividends attract interest.

The currency of a green economy

Rays are a cryptocurrency that represent a tangible share of the total economic value held in the Prosper World.

This share is attained by collecting an on-boarding fee; a small proportion of all of the Prosper World’s Partner Businesses’ Tokens, the majority of which are sold during their fundraising Security Token Offering (STO ). All on-boarding fee tokens are stored in a smart contract-locked Index Fund ; untouchable by any individual and indefinitely locked.

The cumulative value of Prosper World Partner Project tokens stored in the Index Fund are therefore a fair representation of the total market cap for all Rays in circulation. No fractional reserve, but rather a fully-backed and frictionless peer-to-peer currency.

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Why build an eco-smart network on blockchain?

The single most important feature that a decentralised blockchain offers is censorship resistance.

The benefits yielded by providing a frictionless peer-to-peer market, removing the many intermediaries that exist in the current investing infrastructure, along with the associated time and fees speaks for itself; more importantly, given the scope and value that this network represents, the following are critical:

  • Validity of the Rays rewards – in other words, the e³ rating results and associated Rays distribution flow.
  • Business performance data– so that investors know that the data is always publicly available, immutable and therefore auditable.

In combination, this provides enough econometric data to inform the Rays currency valuation, thus reducing the scope for speculation, which is the greatest cause of volatility in the crypto market and often the reason would-be crypto users hesitate.

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The Prosper World Economy

Regenerative, transparent, immutable, peer-to-peer, self-governing economic framework.

The ultimate vision of the Prosper World translates into a fully sustainable and autonomous economy. With end-to-end tracking of product and service cycles, each project ensures fidelity and integrity at every stage – verifiable and immutably stored on the Prosper and Partner Project block chains.

Through incentivising infinite production, each Partner Project will build, rebuild and rebuild again to contribute towards a fully sustainable and regenerative system of industrial, personal and financial well-being.

With such ominous warnings – the shortage of water, food and starvation thereafter – the Prosper World is the only Earth standard Humanity can live with. For the planet to thrive, to remove intermediaries, and increase abundant supply so that everyone can flourish in a more sustainable world, a new economic framework is not simply an option but an urgent necessity. Prosper provides that framework, Token Holders make it possible.

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