Electricity Rating Submission v2

Entropy Calculator TLV[-] Cost per Unit (Treshold Limit r2↓ = Limit Value; TLV -) Net Factor Cost of thatUtility: Net Factor Cost per Dimension(Subset): Sum of All Factor Costs Across…

Electricity Rating Submission

Syntropy Share Calculator Cost per unit (KW/h): Share of Green Energy (%): Units Consumed (KW/h): Result: Syntropy Share:


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How e3 Changes the Way We Measure Regeneration

Entropic economy & planetary borders ….we are measuring the wrong thing The crossing of the planetary borders is the most critical and most existential human problem of our time. With…

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Prosper provides a means of independently supporting a system upon which man-made environmental damage can be reversed. Incentivising the regeneration of our planet The e³ rating integrates ethical and environmental…