Well-Being & Sustainability Framework

Certifying Business & Incentivising Sustainability

Our technology helps investors and capital markets to allocate their funds more wisely.

The Problem

Most of us agree that we are stressing both our environment and the well-being of less fortunate pockets of society.

These create irreversible environmental destruction along with economic uncertainty.

The Solution

Prosper have uniquely combined Entropic and Capital systems in order to provide investors and capital markets with busienss ratings.

We unify environmental, economic and ethical dimensions into one rating, which informs the capital incentive structure to be used by our operating system.

Our operating system provides universally compatible tools that can ensure a cleaner and more productive environment over the long-term, so that we may all prosper, by design.

Business Certification also provides the opportunity to raise funds. Kick-start or grow a eco-smart business solution.

Fund-raising approval is determined by Prosper token-holders who can vote for certified business plan submissions, on a case by case basis. If the majority of token-holders vote to launch a fund-raise, the Prosper Smart Contract creates the fund-raising component.

By participating in the fund-raise and minting eco-smart-contracts you are:

  • Receiving business-specific benefits, as specified in their fund-raising submission.
  • Actively contributing to the regeneration of our planet.
  • Minting a green currency.
  • Offseting your carbon footprint.
  • Increasing your sovereignty.
  • Front-running the next technological revolution.

Join us by participating in the world’s only smart economy.
Where every purchase made is a vote for the future you deserve.

Operating System



The Operating System

The Prosper smart contract certifies the valid state of a business’ economic, environmental and ethical data. It also provides a way for existing or new businesses to raise funds, by submitting their plan to the smart contract.

Partner Project

The Network

Businesses that are able to operate within the Prosper regenerative framework (as calculated by the smart contract) are able to hold Prosper certification (regularly renewed).

If a business wishes to raise funds in order to develop or start a regenerative project they can apply for Prosper fund-raising approval. The Prosper token holding community can vote applications into fund-raising phase through consensus. Only applications that the smart contract is able to certify as e³ compliant are able to be voted into the fund-raising phase, where participants are then able to mint new tokens in exchange for being a contributor.


The Money

A share of all newly created partner project tokens (that the funder creates for themselves using the Prosper smart contract) are locked in an index fund (that operates as a liquidity pool for a decentralised exchange), upon creation. These locked tokens secure the intrinsic value of the Prosper World currency (Rays ) that will be distributed to those who choose to stake their tokens. The Rays distribution is apportioned based on the e³ performance of their staked tokens. The more regenerative the company they funded compared with other Prosper World companies, the greater the share of Rays they receive.